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Riverside T-Shirts- Price Comparison Guide

Don’t be Misled: Pricing Comparisons for Screenprinters

By: Kelli Fassbender

Many t-shirt printing companies have different policies about what services they charge for and what services they do not charge for. Many people have a difficult time comparing prices between screenprinters because there are so many variables that go into pricing such as, how many colors are used in the custom t-shirt printing and the type of t-shirt used. Although it may seem like a company has the best price, they may charge you hidden fees. If you are ordering custom t-shirtsor other garments from a screenprinter, you should be aware of what fees you should expect to pay, and what fees that you should not have to pay.

t-shirt color chart

American Apparel Color Chart, More Colors Available

Custom Design Art Charges

A quality screenprinter should allow you to send them any known graphic format. If the t-shirt design you send is not vector based, such as jpg or gif graphics, the company will have to recreate the art in a vector based program, such as Adobe Illustrator, but you should not be charged for this service. I have discovered that some screenprinting companies will charge up to $50 per hour for such a service, while other custom screenprinters do not charge a fee for this service. If, on the other hand, you want the screenprinting company to create the graphic for you from scratch or from a drawing you have given them, you should expect to pay at least $25 an hour for this service.

Printed T-Shirts Shipping

If you seek standard 14 day shipping on your custom t-shirts order, you can expect to pay standard whipping charges.

If you need your order sooner than 14 days you should expect to pay rush charges, although these charges vary from company to company. Typical rush charges not only refer to the shipping time, but the total time a buyer can expect to pick up their custom t-shirts after placing their order.

Some local screenprinters are able to create your order as early as the same or next day, but most companies will not. If you need your order rushed, expect to pay at least 30%-60% more depending how fast you need it.

No promises here, but Oasis Custom Printed Sportswear has been known to deliver the shirts straight to your location on a super fast rush.

Custom T-shirt Screens

Screenprinting custom printed t-shirts requires that a new screen be used for every color and every print location on a garment. For instance, if you need red printed on the body of a t-shirt as well as the sleeve, you will be charged for two screens.

The process for setting up a new screen is time consuming and costly, so all companies vary their prices for custom printing according to how many screens are required. However, some companies work these set up fees into their prices and others charge a standard fee, such as $25, for each screen needed. It’s probably going to be more expensive for you if a screenprinter charges a set fee for each t-shirt screen they use, unless this fee is really low.

Make sure you know how many colors you are using and the placement of your graphics and text. Keep in mind that the amount of text or graphics per color does not affect the price. Rather, it is the number of colors and number of t-shirt screens required that determines the cost.

Printed T-Shirts Quantity

Because the same number of screens are needed whether you order 12 or 12,000 custom t-shirts, most screenprinters offer better rates for bigger orders. For instance, the average price per t-shirt may be around $20 if you order 12, but if you order 50 the price may be $10 dollars custom printed t-shirt.

A Note: Most screenprinting companies’ minimum purchase requirement is 36 t-shirts or more. You may be able to negotiate a single t-shirt order, but expect to pay a bit more, because it costs the screenprinter a lot to set up the print. Oasis Custom Printed Sportswear has a minimum of 12 shirts.

Some printing companies will allow you to order one t-shirt, but be aware that your custom printed t-shirt will in most cases be made with a heat press rather than screenprinted.

Custom Printed T-Shirt Types & Colors

You can expect to be charged differently for the garment type. Expect that clothing other than t-shirts, such as shorts, will be priced differently than t-shirts. Some clothing brands are made with higher quality materials than others, have more preferable styles, and as a result, cost a bit more.

The color of the t-shirt is also a cost factor. White t-shirts are the least expensive and are normally priced lower than garments of other colors. Light colored t-shirts may be priced less than dark colored garments. An additional cost factor to using dark colored garments is that they require more ink layers (and consequently more screens), so the fabric color does not show through the printed t-shirts.

Riverside T-Shirts Top 10 Worst Baseball Uniforms

Riverside T-Shirts Worst Baseball Uniforms

Little League and baseball season are right around the corner! As the time comes to order uniforms for our players, let’s take a look back on the top 10 worst decisions we have cast upon our national athletes.
baseball tshirts
10. Baltimore Orioles – 1971
Had trouble precisely pinpointing when and for how long these were worn. At least for the 1971 season where the Orioles kicked some major ass. Led by sluggers Frank Robinson and Boog Powell, all star third baseman Brooks Robinson and four pitchers who won 20 games, they went 101-57! All while wearing flashy prison jumpsuits.

league little
9. Pittsburgh Pirates – 1902
A good team at the time, I mean this was the era of Honus Wagner after all, but can you believed they actually wore this? It’d be a pretty standard uniform for the time if it wasn’t for those bizarre sleeves. Blue and Pink? It’s like some kind of candy cane nightmare, or as I prefer to call them “Waldo sleeves” in honor of everyone’s favorite misguided tourist.

league little
8. Cleveland Indians – 1970s
It’s hard to find a photo that truly captures the crapiness of the 70s tribe but trust me, they were none too good. Seriously though, this has to be the ugliest shade of red I’ve ever seen, sometimes it looks magenta. This isn’t a great example pic but the font is as well a cluttered mess, most of the alternates were equally lame. I don’t know who Frank Duffy is but I’m honored to have him on this list.

league little
7. Chicago White Sox – 1982-1986
Who designed these a little kid? It’s so just so uninspired and bland. It’s amazing that it took the Sox so long to settle on their sweet Black and White design. They’ve easily had the worst history of uniforms… And if you look down a little further, I think you’ll find they can even do worse than this.

league little
6. San Diego Padres – 2008-Present
How did I not know about these? I mean these are being worn to this day?!? Starting in 2008, the Padres donned these camouflage catastrophes to honor the troops. I’m all for supporting our troops but am I the only one who finds this to be in poor taste? The Padres have had a history of terrible uniforms but this one reigns supreme. The Padres aren’t bad they’ve just gone AWOL.

league little
5. Chicago White Sox – 1925
Lucky to find a modern pic of this infamously bad uniform. Worn for road games in 1925 it looks like a train conductor’s pajamas. “All aboard for the dream train!” Poor White Sox, they just couldn’t get it right. Though it’s nice to see they have a good enough sense of humor to wear em again for a “Turn Back the Clock” night.

league little
4. Houston Astros – 1975-1993
When they weren’t exploring strange new worlds the Houston Astros were a baseball team. Really the only way I can describe this is the equivalent to what you might see on a campy 70s sci-fi show. Known as the “Rainbow Guts” uniform this was made possible by the advent of synthetic fabrics and utilized to take advantage of color television. Worn from 1975 all the way up to 1993! These uniforms have quite a legacy and are an ever popular choice on “Turn Back the Clock” games, actually I think this one might just be so bad that it’s good.

custom shirts
3. New York Giants – 1916
The black and white photos just don’t do it justice, so here I opted for this illustration. It’s hard representing some of the early uniforms as pictures are sparse but I just had to find a way to acknowledge this plaid nightmare. Can you believe the legendary John McGraw coached a team wearing these vomit inducing uniforms? I hear they did better the next season, I wonder why.

t shirt baseball
2. Pittsburgh Pirates – 1970s
: If it isn’t bad enough to be dressed like a bumblebee, how about we put a pot on your head? How else could you describe the infamous caps the Pirates donned throughout the seventies? The teams spandex pants were pretty embarrassing but I don’t think anything haunts my dreams more than those hats.

shirts riverside
1. Chicago White Sox – 1976
: Who wears short shorts? They wear short, shorts. It’s dumbfounding that this goofy garb was actually worn by a team of pro athletes but on August 8, 1976 it happened. Worn for only a single game (the first of a two header) against Kansas City this has gone down as one of the most embarrassing moments in White Sox history. On the brightside the Sox actually won that game 5-2 with four stolen bases. With it’s fanned out collar, high sleeves and well “short, shorts” this takes the cake. I only wish the current Sox would don these uniforms again for a theme night, I mean who wouldn’t want to see Bobby Jenks in short shorts?


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Riverside Tshirts- Anvil’s Eco Friendly Cause Collection

Riverside Tshirts– Anvil’s Eco Friendly Cause Collection

organic cotton eco friendly

Anvil Knitwear, a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer of sportswear and accessories, exhibited its special-edition Anvil Cause Collection at the New York International Gift Show. The Anvil Cause Collection features a collection of printed t-shirts that benefit a range of leading non-profit organizations.

WHO: Anvil Knitwear, Inc., a leader in the sustainable apparel industry, exhibited its Anvil Cause Collection at the New York International Gift Show on Saturday, August 14.

WHAT: The Anvil Cause Collection features a collection of printed t-shirts that benefit non-profit organizations. This line is printed using Anvil’s Eco Collection, which includes AnvilOrganic, AnvilRecycled and AnvilSustainable products. In addition, visitors can experience Anvil’s interactive TrackMyT website, which shows the social and environmental journey of Anvil’s youth t-shirts.

eco friendly shirt

Anvil Knitwear Completes Life Cycle Assessment of Tee Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Completion of AnvilSustainable Tee Assessment Marks Company’s Fourth LCA in 2 Years

New York, NY – Monday August 02 2010

Anvil Knitwear announced today the results of its greenhouse gas (GHG) life cycle assessment (LCA) for its AnvilSustainable™ t-shirt, which is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and transitional cotton, grown on farms making the switch to organic processes.

The analysis of the AnvilSustainable tee, which encompassed a cradle-to-grave approach, found the footprint to be 3.29 kgCO2e/tee.

The AnvilSustainable analysis is the fourth in a series of LCAs completed by Anvil in collaboration with Camco International, a global developer of greenhouse gas emissions reduction and clean energy projects with a presence in more than 20 countries. In addition to the AnvilSustainable tee, Anvil has completed comparative product life cycle assessments of the company’s Anvil® Basic, AnvilOrganic® and AnvilRecycled™ cotton t-shirts.

“At Anvil, one of our top priorities is ensuring that our products are made using the most earth-friendly processes we know,” said Anvil Knitwear CEO, Anthony Corsano. “The completion of our fourth LCA is further evidence of this promise to our customers and of our larger commitment to environmental stewardship and transparency.”

The AnvilSustainable tee has a 15 percent lower footprint than Anvil’s conventional cotton tee with each tee saving approximately 3 plastic bottles from going into a landfill.

The assessment was conducted utilizing the new global framework that is part of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative. Developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the two new GHG Protocol standards – the Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard and the Scope 3 (Corporate Value Chain) Accounting and Reporting
Standard – provide methods to account for emissions associated with individual products across their life-cycles and of corporations across their entire supply chains.

In line with the company’s commitment to advocating sustainable manufacturing processes, in 2009 Anvil launched http://www.trackmyt.com, an interactive Web site that teaches consumers about the carbon footprint of their clothing from cradle to grave.

Summaries of Anvil’s GHG Product Life Cycle Assessments can be viewed at http://www.anvilcsr.com. The AnvilSustainable™ tee along with the entirety of Anvil’s eco-friendly line can be purchased at http://www.buyanvil.com (for individual consumer purchases) or through Anvil distributors (for wholesale purchases). See http://www.anvilknitwear.com for a list of distributors.

About Anvil Knitwear
Anvil Knitwear, Inc., a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer of sportswear and accessories, is a leader in the sustainable apparel industry with its AnvilOrganic, AnvilRecycled and AnvilSustainable brands. Anvil was recently ranked the world’s sixth-largest organic program and the largest domestic purchaser of U.S.-grown certified organic cotton. Anvil offers 17 affordable eco styles made from a variety of fibers such as certified organic cotton, transitional cotton, recycled cotton, and recycled PET bottles and blends in addition to its over 90 traditional styles.

Order Your AnvilOrganic with Oasis Screen Printing Today!

Oasis Custom Printing
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Riverside T-Shirts- How to Print Your Own

Riverside T-Shirts Tells You How to Print Your Own T-Shirts

We’d love to help you with all of your printing needs. Click HERE and Call Now!

Riverside T-Shirts- Geeky T-Shirts

Riverside T-Shirts Geek Guide 2010

9 Ways to Geek Out Your T-Shirt Collection

Riverside T-Shirts

A t-shirt isn’t just a cotton garment, it’s a form of communication, a personal billboard that lets you get a message out to the world in a medium that offers the minimum of effort.

Whether your geek tendencies lean towards gaming, Apple, space, film or social media, we’ve got a sassy selection of tees that will have you reaching for the plastic before you can say “medium, in blue, please.”

After all, why go plain-chested when you can be spreading the word of geek? Emblazon your chest pronto with a themed tee that says it all.

Amazing Apple Tees

Riverside t-shirts

Riverside Custom T-Shirts

Apple fans tend to lean towards the fanatic side of fandom, and as such provide a ripe market for t-shirt designers to exploit. Heck, there’ve been so many Apple-flavored tees over the years some bloke has written a book about it. These three designs offer a call for Jobs to be President (after all, he’s no slouch in the success department) from Insanely Great Tees, a New York-based Apple tee specialist, a photo-real Mac from Print Liberation’s “Great Moments of the 20th Century” series and a cunning mash-up from MightTees which mixes Jobs and a Mac with John Cusack’s boombox-wielding Lloyd Dobler.

Cost: From left to right – $19, $18, $31.99

Magnificent Meme Tees

custom t-shirts Riverside

Riverside T-Shirts

Nod to classic, recent and current memes with this trio of tees that celebrates the wonder of LOL cats with ThinkGeek’s customizable “im in ur” tee complete with wash-off-able marker pen, the randomness of keyboard cat with an instantly recognizable line drawing from Nerdy Shirts, and make a super in-the-know reference to Chat Roulette with the “Nexted” design from WeSaySo over on Spreadshirt.

Cost: From left to right – $19.99, $19.99, from $14.90

Fantastic Film Tees

Riverside tshirts

Riverside T-Shirts

While what makes a “geek film” is wide open for discussion, geeky film-lovers will no doubt appreciate a tee that references a fave flick in a subtle, insider sort of way. Here then, are three examples of such a garment, with a t-shirt promoting the Lighthouse Lounge made by LastExitToNowhere (the absolute t-shirt authority on made-up companies from films – recommended for a browse), an Inigo Montoya name tag from ThinkGeek, and a colorful effort celebrating the league championship win of the Rollers from 80sTees. Can you name all the films?

Cost: From left to right – approx $32, from $17.99, $20

Great Gaming Tees

Riverside tshirt printing

Riverside Custom Printing

The world of video games lends itself to t-shirts very well indeed thanks to its graphical nature. No matter what kind of gamer you are, you can be sure there’s a tee out there for you. We’ve plucked three from the internets that made us smile. Tell those young whippersnappers that you’re “classically trained” with this dark blue design from 80sTees, see behind-the-scenes at the space invader training academy thanks to Threadless, while ShirtCity’s video game t-shirt shows the evolution of the game controller across multiple platforms.

Cost: From left to right – $20, $18, $22,95

Rad Robot Tees

Riverside tshirts

Everyone loves robots but as we haven’t yet managed to get to the stage where we can have our own robo-buddy, we can at least have a few decorating our clothing. There’s more than a few — 51 in fact — decorating ChopShop’s WeRobot tee. As well as the 50-plus bots it boasts glow in the dark eyes for the robots drawn from film, TV, literature, video games and more. “Robots Can’t Smile” is a whimsical take on a robot-themed tee from Design By Human’s il_Mostro, while RedBubble’s robots are livening things up by doing the YMCA dance.

Cost: From left to right – $20, $19, from $24.74

Marvelous Music Tees

riverside tshirts

While we wouldn’t dream about treading on that oh-so-personal area that is music taste, as far as t-shirts go, what we can offer is a selection of fun music-themed shirts. First up is Five Crown’s melting guitar, familiar to anyone who has seen the recent iPod nano ads, although we’re certainly not making any kind of comment about which came first. This is followed by a classic blank cassette tee from Forever21 which should appeal to anyone old enough to remember the pleasure of possibility a blank tape used to present. We round off the three with another Five Crown’s design that sees vinyl getting the spotlight – perfect for anyone who still enjoys sticking a record on the turntable.

Cost: From left to right – $26.99, $24.99, $14.90

Spiffy Space Tees

riverside t-shirts

Rather than go down the NASA tee route (we’re so over that) we’ve got three space-themed shirts for your consideration. First up is “A Flying Dog in Outer Space” from Threadless that see’s man’s best friend conquer the final frontier complete with helmet and doggie jet pack. We stay space exploration-related with the next t-shirt, an Etsy offering that depicts the Pioneer Plaque (familiar to space geeks everywhere), the pictorial guide to life on Earth stuck on Pioneer 10 and 11 in case they were intercepted by alien lifeforms. Last up is “Spacemen Rock,” another colorful effort from Threadless, which has four astronauts getting their groove on.

Cost: From left to right – $18, $14, $20

Super Social Media Tees

riverside t-shirts

You’re well taken care of over on Zazzle for your Mashable (Mashable) t-shirts needs – where there are tons of designs to chose from that are customizable in enough ways to make your brain boggle. Next up, you can social bookmark yourself in the real world with this text-based effort from Nerdy Shirts. Finally, Twitter (Twitter) users get a “Follower” option from ShirtCity.

Cost: From left to right – Varies, $19.97, $19.95

Groovy Google Tees

riverside t-shirts

What could be better than a t-shirt with the Android (Android) robot on it? How about the Android robot walking a dog? An official gProduct, its coolness is only eclipsed by our next g-themed option – the Sesame Street-themed doodles now available as tees from the Google Store. Big Bird is our fave, but there’s also Elmo and The Count options. While you’re asking yourself how your wardrobe has survived so long without Sesame Street/Google (Google) tees, take a look at our last option from CultClassicTs, which asks another question – what would Larry & Sergey do? (Answer: acquire it, shut it down, open in again in restricted beta and fail to integrate it in other Google products).

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Riverside T-Shirts: 4 Ways to SAVE Money When Ordering Shirts

Ordering the Riverside t-shirts for your school or business can be a daunting responsibility! If this is your first time doing it, and often it is as PTA moms and volunteers are often in charge only a year at a time, ordering hundreds or thousands of shirts is a WOW job!

Here are four easy ways to keep your costs down!

1. The Artwork: The first thing to do when putting together your Custom Screen Printed Shirt order is to figure out what design you want on the t-shirt. You can visit online custom shirt sites to get some ideas or just come into the shop and check out the MANY books we have. During this process, keep in mind that the more colors of ink that will need to be used on your design, the more expensive the screen printed shirt will be.

2. The Shirt: Two things here: The quality, the color. The color of shirt will matter in keeping down costs. White shirts are by far the least expensive. Light-colored shirts are also affordable. Dark colored shirts (navy, red, black, maroon, etc) are the most expensive. Additionally, they require more ink to make your artwork pop and therefor and more time (labor cost). The quality of the shirt you need will depend on your purpose. If you just need a free shirt to hand out at a one time charity event, you might not need the kind of quality you would want if you are printing shirts for your employees or students to wear every day. Make sure you communicate the purpose well so that we can help you get the most for your money!

3. The Printing: You will need to figure out if you want to have your custom shirt printed on just one or both sides. A two-sided shirt can cost nearly double the amount of a one-sided shirt.
4. The Quantity: Get as many people as possible to agree to purchase a shirt. Another factor in price is quantity. The larger the number of screen printed shirts you order, the better price you will receive per shirt. The price breaks come in dozens.

If you are pricing shops, be sure to consider set up, artwork and shipping costs.  Break that into your price per shirt to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Now get printing!

Click Here for Your Screen Printer!

Riverside T-Shirts: An Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business

Riverside T-Shirts: An Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business

Custom printed t-shirts are used as an inexpensive promotional tool for all types of businesses, large and small. Using t shirts in this manner is a great way to reach thousands of consumers and get your name and logo into places that could never be reached by other means of advertising. If you are interested in using t shirts as an advertising tool, then you should consider bulk printed t shirts. Buying in bulk is smart and economical for your business.

Bulk printed t shirts is definitely the way to go if you are planning on using the t shirts for some type of fund raising event or a sports league that you are sponsoring. This will allow you to buy enough t shirts for everyone at the best possible prices. You can buy in bulk when using the t shirts for your employees, for company events or even when you simply want to give them out to consumers to get their attention.

Once you have decided what you want printed on the t shirts, it’s always a good idea to shop around before choosing the company to use for your bulk printed t shirts. All companies are different and some can offer better services than others. It’s never a good idea to choose the first company you run across. There are a number of things that you need to consider when choosing a t shirt printing company.

First of all, don’t let price be the main factor in choosing a t shirt printing company. This is one of the biggest mistakes many new businesses make. When buying bulk printed t shirts you will be receiving a big discount anyway so most any company should be able to offer you a good price. However, if you choose a company strictly based on price, then you may not be happy with the results you receive. If the price is too low then the quality may be very poor as well. This would send a bad impression to consumers and not what you want. These t shirts will be representing your company and the quality of your products or services so they need to be of good quality.

Other qualities are more important when choosing the company that you want to print your bulk printed t shirts. For example, how much experience do they have? How long have they been in business? What type of reputation do they have? These are all important questions that you need answers to. Do your research and find out all you can before you make a decision. Ask for references or talk to other companies that you are acquainted with to see who they would recommend.

You can save lots of money with bulk printed t shirts instead of buying only a few at a time. Considering it’s such a great promotional tool you will certainly get your money’s worth when you buy in bulk. There is no better or inexpensive way to promote your company than with bulk printed t shirts. It’s certainly something that you need to seriously consider if you want a great way to advertise.

Gary Allred

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